Sol Pieles S.R.L is a company located in the Dominican Republic, with the capacity to supply the needs of our customers, guaranteeing the quality and delivery of the products we offer.

We make a selection of the skins of the best slaughterhouse in the Dominican Republic according to international standards and prepare for export.

We are present throughout the process prior to export to ensure that our customers receive the quality of the product as quoted.

We provide a professional service with personalized customer service and constant monitoring until the merchandise is received at its final destination.

We export and import through the ports Caucedo and El Puero Rio Haina to any part of the world with the quality and safety that only Sol Pieles S.R.L can offer its customers; we take care of the elaboration of the documents required for the importation and by our celestin clients.

Thank you for choosing us as your skin supplier in the Dominican Republic!